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Dedham Youth Hockey


Following are samples off what our parents have to say about Dedham Youth Hockey.

Love the way the mite program is run - it is perfect first year for our two participating children.  I've coached lots of teams for lots of years, and the up front thinking and work put into this program is clear at practice and on game day.  My wife and I really appreciate the time, effort and energy everyone contributes.
A.L., Dedham Hockey Dad

Enrolling in Dedham Youth Hockey has been one of the most rewarding extracurricular choices we have made. My child loves the camaraderie and sense of team that have come with the DYH organization. I have been so impressed at the progress all the children have made and how much fun the kids have; the coaches do an excellent job teaching and challenging the kids and everyone has fun! I admit, I was initially intimidated by becoming a "hockey parent" but this program has proven me wrong – the experience and sense of community we have found with other DYH families, on and off the ice is priceless.
                K.O., Dedham Hockey Mom

Dedham Youth Hockey has been wonderful for my son. The coaches are very skilled and patient. To see my son’s confidence and skill grow in just one year is amazing. We love everything about it. The coaches, the events, the sense of community is just heartwarming. The discipline, respect, and camaraderie the kids have for each other and the coaches is wonderful. My favorite part is that my son loves it so much!
                E.W., Dedham Hockey Mom

Great coaches, great families and great organization. My kids are thriving and have made tremendous gains in one season. Couldn't ask for more!
                L.M., Dedham Hockey Mom

We are so proud to be a part of Dedham Youth Hockey! The commitment from the extremely talented volunteer coaches is beyond all expectations. They work incredibly hard on skill development from the bottom up; in fact, they are even involved in the learn to skate and learn to play hockey programs in order to mold the kids at the very beginning of their hockey careers. They use station-based drills as suggested by ADM USA Hockey Model to help the kids develop skills in a methodical fashion, building on the skills that they have already developed and mastered. In addition to the incredible hockey experience for my son, this has been a wonderful bonding experience for the parents as well. The families that we have met are amazing and we all enjoy spending time together both on and off the ice. Being a part of DYH is like being a part of one big family! We love it!
                 A.W., Dedham Hockey Mom

DYH has given us a sense of community we were missing. The hockey coaches give more than 100% and have instilled confidence and true hockey skills in our son. It's amazing to see how much the kids are learning and enjoy playing the game. 
                 J.W., Dedham Hockey Mom

"My biggest regret is not getting my kids into Dedham Youth Hockey sooner!"
                K.B., Dedham Hockey Mom