Coaching Requirements

Coaching Requirements

Whether your a Head Coach or an Assistant Coach, you play a critical leadership role in the organization. You are tasked with leading your team both on and off the ice, developing our athletes to help them succeed in all areas of hockey and life.

All Coaches will need to complete the following registrations and certifications:


  1. Creation of Practice Plans: Designing and implementing structured practice sessions that focus on skill development, teamwork, and game strategies tailored to the needs and abilities of the players.
  2. Athlete Evaluations: Conducting regular assessments of player performance and progress to provide constructive feedback and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Informational Player/Parent Meeting: Conduct meeting with players and parents to communicate expectations, team policies, schedules, and any pertinent information for the upcoming season.
  4. Attend All Coaches Meetings: Participating in all coaches meetings by the organization to discuss league updates, rule changes, best practices, and other relevant topics.
  5. Be a Role Model: Exemplifying professionalism, integrity, and sportsmanship at all times, both on and off the ice, to serve as a positive role model for the athletes.


  1. Following Head Coach's Directions: Collaborating closely with the head coach and adhering to their guidance and instructions during practices and games.
  2. Assisting in Practice Preparation: Helping set up and organize practice sessions by gathering required equipment and materials. Ensuring that the necessary gear, such as pucks, cones, and drills, are ready for use, facilitating smooth and efficient practices.
  3. Be a Role Model: Exemplifying professionalism, integrity, and sportsmanship at all times, both on and off the ice, to serve as a positive role model for the athletes.

Explanation on each requirement:

USA Hockey Registration: Annual registration that must be completed each season starting on April 1. You will receive an electronic copy of your registration from USA Hockey and must add the USAH number to your Crossbar account each season.

SafeSport CertificationThe Safe Sport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for twelve (12) monthsSafesport is a yearly requirement and consists of a core course followed by three refresher courses. Every fourth year one must take the core course over again.

Background Screen: USA Hockey has instituted a national background screening program. The screening is required every two seasons. Background screening is done through NCSI and takes an average of 10 - 14 business days to be completed. 

Online Age-Specific Modules: USA Hockey e-Learning system. All coaches must complete Foundations of Player Development Module before completing Age-Specific Modules.  The Age-Specific Modules are for 8U, 10/12U, and 13+ and you must complete the module for the module for the age you are coaching.

Coaching Education Program (CEP): USA Hockey comprehensive coaching education program. All coaches must enter USA Hockey's Coaching Education Program at Level 1, and must continue their education with a coaching clinic each year until, at a minimum, they achieve Level 4. Coaches of only 8 and Under players may remain at Level 1 until such time as they are coaching any older age level of play.

** All requirements must be completed PRIOR to participating in any team activities and you can not be added to a roster until completed **

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