U8 Mites

At this age hockey is about having FUN! Dedham Youth Hockey Coaches are following USA Hockey's Athlete Development Modules for kids ages 8 and Under. Our goal is to create an environment where your kids will play, love and excel at hockey. We do this by having station based practices to maximize ice time and repetitions. The principles the coaches are focused on are: FUN/Engagement, game like situations, decision making, lots of puck touches and challenging the kids. This allows your kids to: focus on multiple skills and hockey situations, small area games for individual skill development and to introduce the basic concepts of hockey (puck pursuit, puck support).

Mite program is designed for skaters that have completed a U6 season and/or completed Introduction to Hockey who are 7-8 years old. DYH will continue to focus on these core skills:

  • Balance, Agility & Edge Control – basic stance, balance on one foot, gliding on one skate – forward and backward, one leg weaving forward & backward, forward & backward on inside & outside edge
  • Starting & Stopping – T start, front v start, crossover start, backward c-cut start, backward crossover start, outside leg stops, two-foot parallel stop, one leg backward stop, two leg backward stop
  • Forward & Backward Skating – c cuts left & right foot alternating, forward striding, edge control, figure 8’s, gliding on two skates backward
  • Turning & Crossovers – Glide turns, tight turns, crossovers forward & backward, backward on-foot stop and t-start, pivots backward to forward and in reverse, pivots open & reverse
  • Stationary & Moving Puck Control – Stance, narrow, wide, side - front – side, toe drag – side, toe drag – front, open ice carry – forehand & backhand, weaving with puck, puck in feet
  • Stationary & Moving Passing & Receiving – stationary forward pass & backward pass, moving forward pass, moving backhand pass and lead pass
  • Wrist Shot – forehand wrist shot, backhand wrist shot, forehand low & high, backward low & high, practice one timers


7-8 year olds.

*some exceptions can be made.

Practices and Games

Practices are 2x a week, during the early evening.

Games are played at Bajko Rink in Hyde Park every Sunday morning against neighboring towns starting at 7a - 11a. This league is also known as the Town Line League(TLL).


  • The season starts in September and ends in March with teams competing in the Mark Bavis Tournament.

  • Jerseys are provided by DYH.

2024-25 Season

REGISTRATION WILL OPEN MONDAY APRIL 15th, 2024 for the 2024-25 Season.

Cost: $800.00

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