Evaluation and Team Placement Policy

Evaluation and Team Placement Policy

The primary goal of Dedham Youth Hockey is to provide a positive environment that promotes the development of hockey skills, good sportsmanship, competitive play, and fun for all players. This document should answer most questions regarding the tryout process and team formation.

There is a lot that goes into planning for a new season-both from an association and family standpoint. If your family has questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the DYH Board or Coaching members, we are here to help.

Dedham Youth Hockey organizational structure:

·      President

·      Vice President

·      Treasurer

·      Registrar

·      Secretary

·      Board Members

·      Coaching Directors- (Midget, Bantam, Peewee, Squirt, Mite, and Girls and all Head Coaches)

Player Evaluation: 

Prior to evaluation, all players must register, pay the registration fee (if applicable), and be in good standing with DYH. Players who do not register on time will not be guaranteed placement on a DYH team.

The Player Evaluation Process is comprised of two components: end of season Coach’s evaluations and On-Ice/Tryout Evaluations.

During each tryout session a panel of independent evaluators will score players on a preset scale, following a common scoring structure. Evaluators are selected for their hockey knowledge and are trained in the process to consistently evaluate the participants. Evaluators look for well-rounded hockey players with strengths balanced across skills, hockey sense, and positive contribution to team play.

There will be On-Ice/Tryout Evaluations held at the end of the hockey season. On-ice coaches will direct drills for players to demonstrate their capabilities. Scores from each evaluator will be recorded, averaged, and used for subsequent level placement (e.g.1, 2, 3). If there are two tryout sessions, the scores from each tryout session are averaged together to create a final score for the final team selection.

Goalies will participate in individual skill and drill sessions. Evaluators are looking for core fundamentals including quickness, ability to track the puck, overall positioning, and angling, rebound control, footwork, and ability to use both stick and glove and recover for the next shot. 


Players will be scored on a scale of 1 through 5 during the tryout session. The higher number equates to a better score. For example, a player receiving a score of 4 completed the drill more proficiently compared to a player who received a score of 2. 

Player Tryout Absence:

If a player is sick, injured or absent from tryouts, a parent is responsible for contacting the player’s current coach to alert us that they will not be there BEFORE the tryouts begin.

Team Placement:

1.    The DYH Board President or designee will chair the team placement meeting once tryouts are complete. All players will be represented by their current head coach. For example, a Squirt rising to Peewee will have their current Squirt coach at the Peewee placement meeting. 

Individual rankings and team placements will be developed using the tryout evaluation scores and coaches’ evaluations of players from the current season. These ranked tryout scores will be the starting point for team placement. Then the coaches’ evaluations will be utilized to refine the placement.

Note: A second-year player within a level (e.g. Squirt, Peewee, etc.) with a similar evaluation score as a first-year player will receive additional consideration.

2.    After the team placement meeting is complete, the draft rosters will be presented to the DYH Board for review and approval. Board review will:

a.    Review numerical balance of teams.

b.    Review returning second year players.

c.    Review coaches’ recommendations.

d.    Make decisions if there are conflicting opinions on placement.

e.    Review head coach designee(s).

3.    Upon approval of team rosters, the DYH Board will approve the head coach for each team.

a.    All coaches must complete a background check, Safe Sport training and Continuing Educational Credits (CEP) through USA Hockey.

b.    Head coaches will select their assistant coaches at their discretion and must complete the items above.

4.    An email roster spot notification will go out to each family. Our goal is to complete this process as soon as possible (i.e. within a few days of the completion of tryouts). Once notified of team placement, families have 30 days to accept/reject.  

a.    Head coaches will send a welcome email to the team.

b.    Head coaches will review player acceptance / rejection and request a re-balancing of teams by DYH Board, if required.

The Board recognizes there is no perfect process. However, the goal of the tryout process is to fairly evaluate players and place them on the team that matches their skill level and ability in the fairest way possible.  

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